Sunday, 5 January 2014

The perfect red number

In a blink of an eye, Christmas is over and we have leaped into a brand new year. December has been extremely busy and I'm grateful for a short break from work this week to spend time with my family and catch up on blogging!

December is definitely the busiest month of the year for us makeup artists as we doll up many ladies for weddings and parties. But no matter how busy we are, my colleagues and I will definitely find a day, doll ourselves up and get together for Christmas. Good food, drinks and great company - there's no better way to end the work year! Before the celebration, each of us wrote a riddle for a cosmetic product we like to have for Christmas. My colleague, JH who picked my name were totally spot on with what I wanted, a hot pink lippy! It's interesting to have a fellow makeup artist choose a cosmetic product and inject some freshness into my makeup.

This beautiful red dress is also something new I decided to try this festive season! Time to get out of comfort zone and leave all my black dresses at home. As ridiculous as it may sound, this is in fact my. first. red. dress! With such a vibrant red on me, I kept the accessories simple with just an acrylic clutch (my Christmas present from Ashley!), bracelet and studded flats.
On Ft
Hallie dress in red: Ash Lapin
Acrylic clutch: Christmas present from Ashley
Rilynn bracelet: Ash Lapin
Studded flats: Steve Madden
Lipstick: Givenchy in Rose dressing
Photos by Jennifer

What are some new style you like to try this year?



  1. You look lovely, I love the shade of lipstick and the vibrant shade of your dress! :) I hope that you enjoyed many parties in this ensemble :) xo

    Like Sarah

  2. Aweee those are the sweetest pictures ever! You look so cute with those reindeer ears! :)
    And the dress you are wearing is absolutely terrific and suits you like a glove! :)

  3. you look absolutely fabulous in red. i love your reindeer headband and bracelet. so cute. it's good to change things up. i'm trying embellishments the beginning of this year and maybe some other things.

  4. Hi sweety, hope your start to 2014 has been a great one :) You look so radiant in red, love this dress on you

  5. you look beauteous! And that clutch is soooo cute! I still have to find myself a red dress-- it's one of those things that I have on my MUST HAVE list!

  6. the red in the dress is such an amazing colour on you! you should definitely try this colour more often! :)

    and thank you for the lovely comment on my latest blog post, happy new year! :)

    Metallic Paws

  7. That is such a lovely red dress! Great outfit!

    x Angela

  8. I seriously love everything about this look - the dress, the shoes, the makeup. You look flawless!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes


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