Thursday, 2 January 2014

2 years of blogging

You know it's always during special days like New Year's day that people get a little nostalgic and start to ponder a little more, like why we are doing all these stuffs and what kept us going for two years. Our common love for fashion, makeup and DIY projects was what brought us together to start this blog. Two years ago, both of us were at a crossroads where we dreamt of pursuing our interest but weren't sure about how to do it. The blog we thought would be a great first step for us to get creative with fashion, makeup and DIY projects while we figured our paths out.

We had high hopes for this blog - getting ourselves known especially in the local fashion scene, getting paid for posts and getting sponsorships. The truth is none of these happened and we were disappointed. On top of that, we got caught up with work/life and blogging took a backseat.

But time after time, we found ourselves coming back to this blog. I was browsing through the old posts and I saw how we love getting creative with our outfits, makeup and DIYs. Guess despite no goodies and money, we really achieved more than we hoped for. Through FtAshion, I found myself an amazing friend. I don't think I can find anyone else who loves playing doll up as much as I do. She has been so encouraging and supportive as I pursue my dream. Thank you Ashley babe! We also made so many amazing new friends in the blogosphere in these two years. All the sweet comments never fail to make our day. These two years of fashion experiments has definitely increase my confidence to try new styles. The best thing of all, we are both living our dreams now, Ash is a proud owner of her own fashion label Ash Lapin and I'm a makeup artist!

Here are some photos of our favourite outfit posts from the last two years. Geez, we had a lot of fun!

The two years have been wonderful and I'm looking forward to many more happy years of blogging with Ashley and maybe some free pretty clothes. =b Always good to keep our hopes high!

Lastly, Happy 2014! This is the year to dream high and just go for it!



  1. Congratulations on two years! I started my blog the same year as you ladies. I think you two have a great blog. I always love the clothes you two wear. I wish I was a little thinner. LOL What I've learned is to just keep moving forward. I hit a dry spot towards the end of last year, but I just keep at it. DO dream BIG! You ladies can do it. ((Hug))

  2. Happy Happy New Year to you two dears! and hurray for 2 years of blogging! :) I am so happy that 2013 was a blast for you both, especially with your dream professions! <3 Here's to a great 2014!

  3. Happy new year! loving your outfits!!! keep blogging and inspiring dear :)

  4. awww yay to 2 years! And happy 2014!
    Love the looks!

  5. congrats on a wonderful and innovative year! and yeah it's true inspiration will come despite lack of money, honestly some people I know, the ones with the most, are often the most uninspired ones! have a great 2014!


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